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New approach: which of these grips for my Astra?

there are a number links I'm hoping members will trawl through for me as you'll know what's most likely to fit my revolver, whilst I'm flying blind.
I apologise in advance!

I'm exploring T-grips for my Astra 680. But that might be hard when ordering from the States so.... alternative: S&W grips by Hogue or Pachmayr.

My problem, which models to fit an Astra?

I realise there's a risk they won't fit perfectly, or at all, so I'm asking for your help.
Your educated guess.

Here is what my bare revolver butt/grip looks like (mine is a snub barrel):

Folks have said the Astra is K-Frame size.

The goal is:
Grips that fit my Astra 680 snub
Grips that tame its habit of flipping up in my grasp
Grips that suit IWB appendix carry

Here are some of the S&W grips I could choose from:
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