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Originally Posted by giggitygiggity View Post
How about bolt action pistol caliber rifles with threaded barrels and/or integrally suppressed variants? I think these would sell like crazy. They would be ultra quiet, affordable (non-integrally suppressed variants), offer more punch than a .22, and be great for kids through adults. I think in a day and age where everyone is dishing out semi-autos, offering pistol caliber bolt actions is a relatively untapped market that will win favor with those of us who appreciate the maximum sound reduction.
Not to mention all the current and coming ban issues.
I have to believe that many manufacturers have projects running that will focus on those limitations.
One of the very reasons I would love to see a 357 semi-auto, along with pumps, bolts, levers, etc.
Rotary-mag based 9mm semi-autos and such would be really interesting and fun.
How about a rotary-mag 5.7x28 or even 556 lightweight compact carbine?
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