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Originally Posted by TBM900 View Post
I did no such thing.

He made the dispute, therefore the burden is on him.
That's like high school debate team level knowledge.

Non-sequitur & ignoratio elenchi
I made no such dispute as his assertion was a sort of false dichotomy, I specified no "percentage".
As for definition of "vast" and "majority", try these on for size:

I stand by my original statement, I even provided two examples that help support it.
We very well may get another today... or not.

It doesn't make me happy to make such a statement, but the fact remains that our Liberty and the Constitution itself are in a world of hurt. Not solely due to the left being masters of destructive, unconstitutional behavior, but largely due to the ever increasing laziness, apathy, and ignorance of the American people. As I also stated above, if my 25yo self heard me saying such things as I do today... I would have likely said "You're crazy old man". But the facts that surround us today speak for themselves, I fear for the future of the Republic.
You just threw out a bunch of numbers and opinion and you sound like you are the authority on the vast majority of gun owners in America.

You crunch some numbers on NRA members the GOA and throw in a little extra... and then you do some more math by adding in forum subscribers and that is your highly educated OPINION of the VAST MAJORITY? Oh... and thank you so much for the dictionary links.

Have you ever wandered into your local LGS after a mass shooting or terror attack and see empty shelves? Not even a NAA 22lr is left on the shelves where I live. All the stores throughout the state and neighboring states get wiped clean. Online, rifles that had 100+ in stock suddenly become Out of Stock. What about trying to buy ammo online? Out of stock. Suddenly all the CCW classes are all booked up. My opinion is that it was not the NRA and GOA members, that from Jan 2009- Jan 2016, who were the ones forming lines in gun stores and buying up every single box of ammo and signing up for basic CCW classes... my opinion is that it must have been a portion of that lazy apathetic vast majority you speak of. Record number of FBI background checks for gun purchases month after month... I didn't see those numbers in your calculations... these people probably did not rise above your standard of lazy and apathetic.

I lost count of how many times this happened from Jan 2009 - Jan 2017.

All because someone else doesn't Cite things to your satisfaction despite your less than high standard of fact gathering, you don't have to tear their opinion down point by point as if that is why you were put here on earth.

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