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Originally Posted by American Man View Post
So your opinion that you claim as fact
I did no such thing.

is disputed by buck460XVR and you want him to factually refute your opinion.
He made the dispute, therefore the burden is on him.
That's like high school debate team level knowledge.

Since you dispute his opinion of vast majority, why don't you give us the exact, factually substantiated definition in percentages of what is the "vast majority".
Non-sequitur & ignoratio elenchi
I made no such dispute as his assertion was a sort of false dichotomy, I specified no "percentage".
As for definition of "vast" and "majority", try these on for size:

I stand by my original statement, I even provided two examples that help support it.
We very well may get another today... or not.

It doesn't make me happy to make such a statement, but the fact remains that our Liberty and the Constitution itself are in a world of hurt. Not solely due to the left being masters of destructive, unconstitutional behavior, but largely due to the ever increasing laziness, apathy, and ignorance of the American people. As I also stated above, if my 25yo self heard me saying such things as I do today... I would have likely said "You're crazy old man". But the facts that surround us today speak for themselves, I fear for the future of the Republic.
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