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None of our rights is absolute and without limits, "your right to swing your fist ends at my nose" is a long accepted limitation, and applies to a lot of things.

Some feel the current system is swinging just barely beyond our nose, and are concerned future swings will move closer. Some feel we are already being slapped in the face and worry that the open hand slap will become a closed fist.

Several people in this thread have proposed ways background checks could be done without creating data that is, or could be used as registration.

Every proposal of this kind has been rejected by the other side. They want (even demand) a system that either directly links (registers) individual owners with individual guns now, or will allow them to do so in the future.

What is it we fear?? What we fear is that if they get the legal power to do so, they will have a list that allows them to come to your home and say "Mr AMP, you bought a Snort & Wonker .377, serial # 12343 july 31st 2021, produce it now for surrender or acceptable proof where it went, or you're coming with us!" (the other thing we fear is that it would not be a polite knock on the door, "time to give it up now, sir" but a middle of the night swat type raid where they tear apart your house looking, BEFORE they ask "politely".)

I may not see the "big picture" but I cannot see what any good a registration is, if NOT to lay the ground work for what we fear.

Here is another point to consider, seldom brought up. Mandatory UBC laws, with or without a registration component, remove your legal ability to use your own judgement. All that is ever mentioned is how the check lets you know that the stranger who is buying is OK according to available records.

Nobody (but me, it seems) mentions that the blanket coverage requirements of the law don't let me make my own decisions. And that if I want to sell, trade, give, or otherwise "transfer" a gun to someone I've known for decades, I still have to have the check done on them. Sure, its small potatoes in the big picture, but there is a principle involved here, that I don't think should be completely overlooked.
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