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Originally Posted by LeverGunFan View Post
These are described as "Emergency" rules - does this "Emergency" process reduce the opportunity for public review and comment? What "Emergency" exists here as opposed to any other rule making requirement?
This explains it better. It must be insane to be a gun store that has to go through this.

A part of the article.

‘Emergency rules’

A state police spokesperson told St. Louis Public Radio these regulations replace what had been proposed last August for the Firearm Dealer License Certification Act, signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker a year ago.

“ISP filed Emergency Rules on Jan. 3, 2020. Those rules became effective immediately and will remain in effect for 150 days and will then be replaced with final rules,” the department said in a statement.

The new rules will be officially published on Jan. 25 in the Secretary of State register.
The department provided St. Louis Public Radio with a copy of the rules.

These revisions address some of the pushback state police received from gun dealers at a public hearing they held on the proposed rules last October.

Advocates for gun dealers were particularly concerned with vague definitions the department originally laid out, like requiring firearms and ammunition be stored separately.
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