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Illinois gun store/FFL restrictions and rules released.

I got email from ISRA today and it includes a link to the latest gun store restrictions and rules for Illinois. This should put more gun stores out of business and intimidate most anyone from opening new ones. There are only about a dozen gun store/ranges serving the Chicago metro area and I greatly fear some more of them closing. I am lucky and have about 3 within a half hour drive but don't want to see any more forced out of business. No place convenient to purchase and shoot firearms will only reduce interest in buying and owning them which IMO is part of the plan. No doubt other states will be looking at implementing the same if Illinois is successful with it's goal and lawsuits do not stop or modify it. Apparently this list is not final yet and will be reviewed Feb 18, 2020 but I don't expect much if any sympathy toward many of these hurdles by those on the Commission who most likely are all gun hating democrats or at least the majority are. Of course any lawsuits filed can take years to get resolved.

One thing I noticed going through it was this on page 1695 -
7) Keep ammunition stored securely and out of the reach of customers
Dang I don't know how my independently owned local gun store will be able to do this. They are huge and have ammo all over the place with aisles of shelves and pallet displays. It will suck big time shopping for ammo too if it has to be behind a counter or in a locked case.

Today the Illinois State Police released the Emergency rules for the Gun Dealer Licensing Certification Act (GDLCA). These rules will be heard by the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR) on February 18,2020.

We have placed the Emergency Rules on our website for you review. (Click here for link).

Richard A Pearson
ISRA Executive Director

Check out ISRA's website at ! Tell us what you think!
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