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I haven't heard anything specifically concerning mass shooters, but there are studies about ordinary crime and armed citizens that clearly indicate that an armed citizen stands a much higher likelihood of surviving an encounter.

Part of the problem with doing a study on mass shootings is a lack of data points..... there just haven't been enough mass shootings occurring in areas where citizens are armed.
Most mass shootings happen in gun-free zones.

In cases where citizens are armed, there seems to be a much lower body count.
Witness the recent Texas church shooting where the shooter got off two shots before having his ticket punched.
Over the last few years there have been a few cases where armed citizens have stopped or interrupted mass shootings, but there just isn't enough data to do a study.

Common sense, (something the gun hating Left don't have) tells us that a mass shooter isn't going to be as successful if people are armed and shooting back, versus a gun-free zone where the shooter can shoot people at leisure before the police can get there.
In every case I've heard of a mass shooting had a low body count when someone was armed and resisting.
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