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I would also point out that, in some places, even were gun owners are not "lazy and apathetic" the system can still defeat us.
True. Mainly, because even tho many refuse to believe it, we, as gun owners are a minority here in the U.S. Thankfully, hard core antis are a minority also. It's that third minority, those neutral to guns and their ownership that have allowed us, so far, to keep our 2nd Amendment rights. This is a country that runs on majorities.

Originally Posted by 44 AMP View Post
Its not just about us standing up and defending our rights, its ALSO about how effective the other side is convincing people who don't know better that their lies are the truth.
....and when we propagate lies about "vast majorities" we are just lowering ourselves to the level we despise in the other side, and our ability to convince others, reduced.
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