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Good points, I should have added the caveat that I wasn’t focused on specific advertised velocities for any of those rounds. They all fell below what the box states (most stated an advertised velocity, but not all), for the exact reasons you pointed out. That tells me their test guns or barrels were obviously longer than both my 16” and 18”. However i am under the assumption that the Hornady superformance claim of 100-200 fps gain over traditional ammo still applies to all barrel lengths as long as its being compared with other ammo in the same barrel length, or same exact barrel. They don't get that detailed from what I’ve noticed.

Again, I believe the Hornady superformance 53gr v-max certainly met that claim, however the 55gr GMX did not. With the 53gr v-max superformance and S&B, i have no doubt they’d meet the advertised velocities printed on the boxes if shot from the same length barrel as their test barrels based on what they did from a 16” barrel. The 53gr superformance vmax states 3465 fps and the S&B states 3301 fps. If you go by the traditional standard of roughly 50 fps gain per inch of rifled barrel, the vmax round easily meets its claim if tested even from a 20” barrel. Of course this is all rough calculation but the Hornady 53gr superformance would be a mighty fine and explosive predator/varmint round. The difference here is they’re about 90 cent/round where the S&B is about 39 cent/round. That really was my deciding factor at the end to go S&B. I still liked the Hornady 53gr alot. It grouped well from my 16”, not quite as stellar from the 18”, but the Mini isn’t known to be a tack driver either.

Im glad I decided to give S&B a look. I’ve never used their ammo before but it seems to be a great value, especially being brass and loaded with an expandable hunting bullet. I also recently shot their 7.62x39 psp from an AKM and it had the highest velocity there as well and groups nicely. May be my ammo of choice for that gun as well.

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