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Originally Posted by DaleA View Post
Yup! (Can I have an "Amen" and an "AMEN"?)

Also, maybe we need an "electoral college" for counties/ know so the low population counties don't get steam rolled.
dream on. voter apathy is what created this. the "it won't happen here" mentality is what created this. folks in Texas say this crap today but are blind at how Austin and Houston are proving them wrong... and they think it won't spread.... Virginia is getting the government they allowed. if you keep Mitt Romney'ing your way around political issues you will get exactly what is happening to Virginia now. and please, save the melon labe stuff for bumpers stickers because there's been plenty of opportunity for that and the resistance is only internet anger. you will be Ruby Ridged if you openly defy this next round of 2nd Amendment infringements. I hope Virginians will be able to take the same coping theory as the folks in Ca, Ha, NJ, Md, NY, Ct, Ma, RI, did I miss anyone?
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