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I would also point out that, in some places, even were gun owners are not "lazy and apathetic" the system can still defeat us.

Its not just about us standing up and defending our rights, its ALSO about how effective the other side is convincing people who don't know better that their lies are the truth.

Even if the other side doesn't demonize us (they want guns, guns=bad so they= bad) or marginalize us (they're just fringe lunatics conspiracy nuts), their side has a huge advantage over ours. First and foremost (and don't ever forget it) they are willing to lie and say what ever is needed to support their cause, AND they think its RIGHT to do so.

Our side generally holds that its wrong to lie.

Second advantage they have is money. Third is a form of class warfare. Indeed it can even be a form of snobbery. "Good" people don't have guns, don't like guns, and when guns are absolutely needed they hire people to use them.

Some times they actually say it, but even when they don't they imply that if you like guns, or even believe in the right to have them, then you are not "good" people.

I live in a state where a UBC law was defeated in the Legislature, repeatedly. Failing to get their law through regular channels the backers got it put on the ballot through the initiative process. They then launched a massive PR campaign targeted on the metro areas. They got it passed in those 5 counties. Every other place in the state voted it down.

5 aye, 37 nay...the Ayes have it!
wait..what??? how's that right??

Well, son, those 5 have more votes than all the rest of you combined, that's Democracy, boy!!

SO, its state law now...

Our side has a built in disadvantage as we generally believe in individual choice and honesty. One side trumpets "do what we say and you will be safe" and all we have is the truth and what we believe, that "you have the right to choose and no one can guarantee you will be safe."

Rational thought holds its own against Fear only up to a certain point, after which Fear runs rampant, for a time, and doing tremendous damage while on the loose. What is that point? How to we prevent getting there? Its different for every issue and every culture and subculture.

Where were the strident calls for gun bans and UBCs and all of that in 2002, 3, 4 5, etc? The same people who pushed gun control in the 90s were still big players then, many still are today.


knocked the US gun control movement on its ass, for about a decade. Why?
If you understand "the Riddle of Steel" you know why. They don't get it.

It is the hand (the WILL) that matters, not the steel. They only see the steel, or at least that's the way they act.

The current push for a national UBC, where every purchase and transfer is checked and only people who are authorized under law can get guns is a fantasy. NO system can deliver that, And the choices we are given will not, and cannot even remotely live up to the promises being made for them.

People who actually THINK about things recognize this. (and that includes people on their side as well as ours). People who go only one what they get told, don't.

Election results lately seem to indicate that there are more who don't, than who do.

This becomes a problem when your system relies on just numbers of votes.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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