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I tested velocity of multiple 223/5.56 ammo

I just find it interesting to observe the performance differences between different mfgs of ammo. This was velocity only, I didn’t do any penetration or expansion tests this time. Of course this can vary from lot to lot and im sure any mfg can tweak their components or processes for the same model of ammunition over time and results can change. I used a Chrony Alpha chronograph at 10 feet from the muzzle of a 16” stainless PSA Freedom upper. I also shot just a few of the same types from an 18” Mini 14 ranch rifle. All tests were 4 shots from a cooled barrel at roughly 65 degrees outside. All ammo tested were brass cases.

PMC 5.56 55gr FMJ x-tac
16”, 2943-2992 fps
18”, 3005-3086 fps

Federal 223 53gr v-max varmint/predator
16”, 2969-2999 fps
18”, 3066-3087 fps

PMC Bronze 223 55gr soft point
16”, 2803-2849 fps
18”, didn’t test

Hornady superformance 223 53gr v-max
16”, 3065-3138 fps
18”, 3112-3177 fps

Hornady superformance 223 55gr GMX
16”, 2842-2866 fps
18”, 2881-2926 fps

Prvi Partizan 223 55gr soft point
16”, 2766-2848 fps
18”, 2824-2914 fps

Armscor 223 55gr soft point
16”, 2840-2902 fps
18”, didn’t test

Armscor 223 55gr v-max
16”, 2825-2863 fps
18”, didn’t test

Hornady Frontier 223 55gr soft point
16”, 2762-2805 fps
18”, didn’t test

Hornady Frontier 5.56 55gr hollow point
16”, 2872-2904 fps
18”, didn’t test

Fiocchi 223 55gr soft point
16”, 2667-2746 fps
18”, didn’t test

Sellier & Bellot 223 55gr soft point
16”, 3007-3059 fps
18”, didn’t test

The velocity winners were Hornady superformance 53gr v-max and S&B 55gr pointed soft point.
The velocity losers were Fiocchi, Hornady Frontier 223 sp, and PPU, which all dipped into the 2700fps range, Fiocchi being the slowest, dipping in the 2600s. The S&B seems to be a good buy with a psp bullet and can be found under $8 per box of 20. However, they’re hard to find right now. Buds on line currently has them. Its interesting to see the difference in velocity between the S&B 55gr and Hornady superformance 55gr GMX. Didn’t quite see the advertised 100-200 fps gain in the Hornady superformance GMX. The 53gr superformance however was pretty speedy even considering the 2gr lighter bullet and I could definitely feel the additional pop at the shoulder with those.

I didn’t test group accuracy with all these, however, in the past I’ve done that with some of these, all shoot within 2” groups at 50 yards using a non-magnification micro red dot sight. Not really a good gauge for accuracy testing but falls within my own personal requirement for my own application.
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