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It’s now time to repeatedly contact your legislators’ and let them know you will not accept any surrendering of your rights. Below are good instructions from VCDL.

The General Assembly's 2020 session started on Wednesday. It seems the Democrats are in a bit of disarray, as they did not even set the rules for the General Assembly, which is traditionally done on the first day! So we still don't know if there will be any changes to the rules on concealed handgun permit holders being able to carry in the General Assembly Building. You will be advised as soon as we learn if there are to be any changes.

This year we need everyone to email their legislators once every day from Monday through Thursday each week until we say to stop.

Soon we will also have you calling your legislators every day with a message, too. We want their phones to melt down.

We have a new system that makes all of that a snap and provides different messages automatically!


Click the link below to send a pre-written email that you can customize as you see fit. The system will automatically figure out who your legislators are by your home address and will send the email to the correct people. This literally will take less than a minute for the very first email and about 30 seconds or less for each of the others, as the system will automatically remember your name, address, phone number, etc.

The system rotates through several different pre-written messages, so your message should change each day.

We will be doing other email and phone-call campaigns as the weeks goes on. This first campaign is to get the ball rolling quickly. It does not mention bill numbers, only the type of bills that the legislators are expected to support or oppose.

We need to make sure our voices are heard and we need to stay in constant contact with our legislators, ESPECIALLY DEMOCRAT LEGISLATORS!

If you live in a Democrat district, it is particularly critical that you send an email to your legislators each day. STARTING NOW! Time is short.

(NOTE: To send a new message each day, scroll down on the main page until you will see a box on the right side labeled "Take Action Now." Clicking on "Next" button starts the same email procedure as clicking on the link above.)
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