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Originally Posted by Dufus View Post
Speer has always said boat tail bullets are not needed for under 300 yds. They make their boat tail bullets with a thinner jacket to get expansion beyond 300. Up close they can be failures with violent expansion at high velocities.

I used to never shoot the boat tails, but since leaving Speer and moving to Nosler, they have come into play. The right Nosler bullets are not thin jacketed.

Back when I started hand loading in the early 60s, Sierra bullets were very thin jacketed. They were not good hunting bullets at that time. I got rid of them and haven't used any since the mid 70s. I all fairness, I understand Sierra has made some important changes to their hunting bullets, but I still hear bad experiences with them. Sierra does make good target bullets.
Speer used to make good bullets. I wouldnt give you a penny a piece for the junk they make now.
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