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Originally Posted by USNRet93
Asked and answered..he WAS a convicted felon, unless the reporting of it was wrong. He DID have documented mental health issues. It was reported that he bought the SG from a LGS, not off the street. "many' harp on no new laws, we have enough..Clearly the present system failed..again, if the reporting is accurate.
I have not seen any reports that he was convicted of any felonies. If you know of any credible reports stating such, I would appreciate your posting them.

But -- the prohibited person list at NICS is not a "watch list." There is no program of surveillance for people on the NICS list -- the list just sits there until the person tries to purchase a firearm through an FFL. The NICS list can't possibly prevent a convicted felon from buying a gun on a street corner at oh-dark-thirty, or prevent him from stealing one.

As to his "documented mental health issues" -- the prohibiting factor under federal law is that a person must have been adjudicated (that means a ruling by a judge pursuant to a hearing) as mentally defective. Absent a court hearing with such a ruling, his "documented mental health issues" don't mean anything. Was he ever adjudicated as mentally defective?
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