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I believe it is a constant evolution for anyone that is really deep in to this hobby/lifestyle. There was a day (decades back) where I too would declare such extreme stances as “I shall NEVER own a safe queen!” or “I’ll never sell a gun” but as time goes by and you refine what you truly love, experience changes your formerly firm views.

It also occurred to me quite some time ago that I would brain storm a hopeful purchase and then I’d spend a long time pondering and learning about that gun and the actual process of shopping for it was an extended adventure.

Which leads quite naturally to:

...learning a lot about the market and spending a lot of time watching that market. Eventually you find yourself coming across some fantastic deals on guns that you KNOW are great deals and that you know you could sell or swap... so you end up snagging them.

Planned or not, that’s how you end up having some really fantastic guns that you don’t “need” or perhaps never intended to own. So maybe you hold them. Or sell them. Or whatever.

I would have to argue that no way can you so easily create four groups and each gun guy can cleanly be slotted in to one of these groups.
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