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We won't know, for background check purposes, who is mentally ill as long as the HIPAA makes it an individual doctor's call whether or not to involve authorities and the law doesn't require that doctor to also inform the FBI to include that person's name in firearm purchase background checks. Currently, I believe it is only those who have been adjudicated mentally ill who can be found in NICS records for background check purposes, and then only if the local authorities got around to reporting it.

We are learning, very slowly, that reporting by students and readers of teen social media can actually stop the majority of school shootings well in advance. Even those with no criminal history or mental health history often reveal their intentions online or in conversations with schoolmates.

Expecting to stop every single person with no history either criminal or mental from committing occasional horrors is as Utopian an argument as the argument gun laws will stop them all. The Los Vegas shooter is the prime example. Millions of dollars in resources and no prior history issues. Even Senator Feinstein said she didn't think anybody could have stopped that one. A person with millions in resources can always get stolen military or police weapons on the black market. Enough money gets you any object you want, legal or otherwise. There will never be a complete end to these events, regardless of what laws are on the books.

Note that the seeming increase in public shootings is due to the news media having switched from the definition used by the U.S. Congressional Research Service and the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, which is a shooting incident that results in four or more decedents, to the one pushed by the anti-gun groups which counts non-lethal woundings, which is most single-wound handgun shootings, so it suddenly increased the number of sensational newscasts on the subject quite a bit. They were there before, but not nearly so frequently mentioned before this version of the term "mass shooting" came to be applied to them.
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