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Type two and three!

I am a combination of 2 and 3. I've been through a host of semi-auto 22LR and semi-auto 9mm trying to find the one I like to shoot. Settled on Buckmark Contour 7.25, a Ruger 22/45 wih bull barrel and a Sig P365 with safety.

I also have been selling off cheaper guns to get better, but the single six Heritage stays in the safe and gets shot on occasion. At $129 some years ago it may be the best gun by I ever made.

I go through a lot of range toys. Have an NAA black widow in the safe now but am hankering for an American Arms 45/410.

My keeper guns are my CC guns (Kel Tec p3AT, Sig p238 and the sig mentioned above.) my HD gun (Taurus public defender) my history guns (1934 Russian made mosin nagant) and the work horses (Winchester 13 12 ga with two barrels, Savage 42 for squirrel hunting.)

I also have a handful of guns to use to teach the kids to shoot. With about two dozen guns in the safe, IF I'd kept every gun I'd ever bought there'd be about five dozen.

When Carol Ann starts to think I have too many guns I just remind her that most guns retain a strong re-sale value.

Life is good.
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