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I have a CCW permit. In Iowa, the school zone laws are such that driving by or living by a shool is not a problem. Driving up to a school armed may be a problem.

My permit lets me;

buy firearms with no NICS check. Dealers love that.

be recognized and counted by state lawmakers as one more responsible citizen that will raise hell if they pass certain laws.

carry weapons in my vehicle loaded, unloaded, in my range bag with the ammo, as I wish and at my convenience.

go into public armed but not paranoid.

That last one is worth a lot.

I understand the concerns expressed by those that complain about having to get a permit to exercise a right. But I don't think a permit is useless. If there were ten times as many permit holders in any given state it would make it much easier to get the laws passed that we all want.

Check the laws.
Get a permit.
Skip the beer.
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