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It's a very personal decision.

From my perspective:
  • Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 (I should point out that I was first advised of this phrase by ... an LEO, in response to gun ownership, many years ago. Honest LEO's know the score, and while they may be unable to be completely honest with you, they often offer oblique, but clear advice such as this).
  • In AZ, IIRC, you can be on school grounds with a firearm if you have a CCW. [Technically, and ironically, it is illegal to use it on school grounds, even in a self defense situation. More absurdity.]
  • While the government may be amoral and illogical, I choose another course for myself. I'm not willing to allow myself, my family and innocent others to be injured or killed because an idiot legislature cannot reason. See #1.
  • While I will likely never need to use my firearm for defense, there are enough examples every day of the use of firearms for self defense that I insist on retaining that right and capability.
  • Frankly, all laws are not created equal. Some firearms laws are not generally enforced, and in time, and through conversation with local attorneys, LEO's and other experts, you may determine which laws are of less consequence. Obviously the difference between felonies and misdemeanors is key in such an analysis.
  • Meet and get to know some good local attorneys ... including criminal defense attorneys. Read about and learn how to properly deal with LEO's ... what you say and how you act will often have a great bearing on the consequences. Haven't read it, but I hear that "You and the Police" is a good book on the subject (please see ).

In sum, if you can't get past your concerns, and those concerns outweigh the (frankly, for most folks) relatively low likelihood that you'll need to defend yourself and your family, well ... then you should not get a CCW. Obviously, the downside on that decision can be pretty severe.

Tough decision, and it is a da*n shame that good people have to make such lousy, artificial choices between safety and malum prohibitum laws. Good luck.

Regards from AZ
I refuse to live in a state which fails to recognize my family's fundamental right of self defense. I refuse to give that state my labor, my taxes, or any other support for such an uncivilized and barbaric policy. In other words ... Texas, Yes ... California, No.

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