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The Ohazard mentioned:
THR switched to Xenforo a little over a year ago. At first I didn't like it simply because it was different. But I quickly got over it and realized how much better it is.

Xenforo is a nice upgrade. Visually, it looks a lot better on cell phones, and it has a better, simpler interface overall. The “alert” notifications eliminate the need to check your subscriptions to see if there are any replies to your posts. It makes browsing the forum much simpler. And the PM system is light-years better, and I especially like the ability to "like" other people's posts. It means people don't always feel a need to comment, they can just "like" certain posts. It cleans up threads for sure.

I'm glad you guys are switching, and I really appreciate it!
I remember the change and was part of the test group at THR. Prior to the actual change we tested the new software before the entire forum switched over. Sort of a this works fine and that doesn't work. The actual transition was seamless when the time came. For the most part everyone liked the changes which also brought added features. The largest burden was on the forum administrators which is always the case.

The new software will be different but like anything else different will take a short time to adapt to. Personally I saw no change in anything forum as to things like logging in or any time delays posting or navigating the forums. I did like and adjust to the new look and features and navigation structure. I look forward to the changes here on The Firing Line.

Additionally many of the features I see being discussed, just for example Edit time or Edit Thread Title are features which are user adjustable by administrator or staff privileges. They are not cast in concrete by the software engine powering the forum. I actually like the settings used here and the allowed member's permissions.


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