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Change in FedEx policy, or were employees misguided?

I encountered a recent change regarding FedEx. I don't know if this is a new national FedEx policy or if this occurred only because someone put a weird bug in the ears of local FedEx employees. My local FedEx office is not a regional center, but it is more than a small mom and pop location. It is a relatively large FedEx storefront, which the FedEx website lists as a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center.

In recent years, I have shipped 2 or 3 handguns from that location to licensed repair sites. The FedEx employees always questioned me closely about it, but they shipped my handguns each time; until yesterday. I went in to ship a handgun to a major manufacturer for repair. The very same employees who previously accepted my handguns for shipping told me that they will not accept a handgun for shipping unless I have a pre-printed shipping label from the recipient.

In a few days, I will drive 45 minutes each way and try to ship this handgun from the regional FedEx center.
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