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Originally Posted by MagnumWill
I assumed that a shorter barrel was going to be a little more abusive on the can, but not to the extent of losing the warranty. I would use it all the time, if anything I may integrally supress it (so I can bypass the SBR thing). I have seen that the Masada (BM ACR) has an adjustable gas port- are there any normal AR's that do this?
It will, to a certain degree. There will be some blast erosion to the blast baffle. Most cans have stainless blast baffles for this reason in .223.

A lot of manufacturers will only warranty to a certain barrel length because of this.

However, Zak Smith makes one specifically for the short barrel full autos. Down to 7" barrels (Which I believe is the shortest you can go with an AR)

Any "normal" AR can have an adjustable gas block. PRI makes them, among others. You just port out your gas port to .750 and use the screw on the side of the gas block to optimize your gas port setting.
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