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I’d hate to have to fire a 7.5” 5.56 from inside a vehicle. I’d recommend you try firing an 11.5” or 16” 5.56 from inside a vehicle (preferably one you can afford to damage) before committing to that plan. I don’t even like 7.5” 5.56 outdoors.

So, I’d go .300 as it is noticeably milder with blast and flash; as well as better ballistics.

I don’t know what your budget looks like; but a LAW Stock Adapter will let you fold an AR15 stock for more compact storage. If you want to be able to shoot with the stock folded, there are also options like redesigned bolt carriers that have the springs entirely in the upper, or the SIG MCX uppers. In either case, that would give you a shorter package while keeping useful barrel length.

I’m not a huge fan of pistol caliber carbines since if I’m going to carry something the size of a carbine, I want it to hit like a long gun; but FrankenMauser makes some good points concerning the role you have in mind.
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