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I have a 7.5" 5.56 and a 10.5" (or 9.5"?) .300 Blk.
The 5.56 is fun, but I don't ever, ever want to shoot it without hearing protection - and, good God, it would be punishing if ever fired in an enclosed space.
Velocity wise, it's fine. There's still enough there to be effective.

.300 Blk is not as bad on the flash and blast front, but still wouldn't be my choice if I was building another one or starting over. (Mine was built specially to be suppressed. I see little point in .300 Blk unsuppressed.)

If I was building another or starting over, it would be 9mm.
Cheaper ammo. Cheaper to reload. Plentiful defense ammo. And if suppressed, 147s are automatically subsonic.
I would opt for 9mm.
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