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7.5” Barrel AR 5.56 or .300 Blackout?

I have this crazy idea of building a cheap AR to keep in my vehicle. An AR pistol with a 10.5” barrel is just a little too long for where I want to keep it so I plan on building one with a 7.5” barrel.

The excuse is is that I need an AR to go with the 9mm and the SHTF bag I already keep in the vehicle. The real reason is that I just want to build another AR, but I don’t want the warden... oops, darn autocorrect... the wife to find another new gun in the gun safe during the weekly shakedown.

The plan so far is a PSA stealth lower and parts kit, Shockwave Blade, Magpul grip, and either a PSA or Bear Creek upper. The only question is should I stick with 5.56 to maintain ammo, magazine, and parts compatibility for SHTF or should I go with .300 AAC in case the short barrel doesn’t give the 5.56 enough velocity to really do its job?
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