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I might suggest a polite letter to Mike Harvey bringing it to his attention.

Any CEO concerned with success would like to know about a serious shortcoming in the organization.

I suggest a brief, concise cover letter advising him a defective rifle sent to customer service went missing,and communication from customer service is inadequate.

I would attach an organized,uncluttered timeline. Names and dates.

I might also attach a URL to this thread.

Given that Mr Harvey undoubtedly wants the Cimarron Brand to be a trusted one,he can weigh his marketing costs against his cost of one rifle and make you whole just by making the decision to replace a defective rifle.

Its also valuable to a CEO to learn where to focus efforts to improve his organization.

In these times,perhaps a key player or even several may have been affected
These days,especially with an international business dealing in firearms,documentation must be robust enough to not rely on key individuals who can go down,and everything must be trackable.

Mr Harvey likely will be grateful to you.
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