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eastbank, I have indeed documented everything.
Update: Back to post #17 when the nice ady said my rifle had been forwarded to the "factory in Ohio." I emailed Chiappa Ohio and their reply was that they did not have my rifle, Cimarron has not sent it to them AYKM??
So, since the Feb 8th conversation, I've followed with more emails. [crickets] For some reason they are no longer even responding. I called the original CSR's numbers ... no answer, no answering machine, just ring ring ring until I gave up. Right now I know zero about their repairs. All I know is their customer service has provided conflicting and false information and for whatever reason stopped answering my inquires. That's about the worst thing you can do, ignore a customer.

next time you talk to any one there, tell them you have kept all e-mails and phone calls from day one and if things don,t get resolved to your liking, you will post every thing
Yeah, I've considered that. Just not my style. Sounds like "I'm gonna tell my mom on you ..." No offense, I just don't play that card. Besides, everything I've posted here and elsewhere is factual and not embellished. I leave it up to the readers to draw their conclusions.

So to recap: It's been well over 60 days. Their CSR offered to follow up if I asked, has not. Another CSR almost (apparently) returned the wrong gun, and again offered to provide an update, didn't happen. I was told the rifle was returned to the factory, factory denies. Additional requests to original CSR *and* company president (if I had the currect e-dress) are unanswered. I'm inquiring about a credit card merchant dispute, but I'm guessing it's too late. I almost feel like my gun is lost, but I can't be sure one way or another.

Conclusion: take what you will about Cimarron customer care. But thanks again for the sugghestion

-jb, never never land
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