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[Reviving the thread for promised update]

You can’t make this stuff up …

I had a message today to call Cimarron Firearms about my gun [yay, fingers crossed]

I called back and spoke to the Texas Customer Service Rep. She’s happy as a clam, explains that the gunsmith had to send my gun back to the Chiappa factory in Ohio. But they got it repaired, sent it back to the Texas Customer Service center, and she’s going to get it boxed up and sent out to me tomorrow. She goes on to explain it doesn’t have to go to an FFL, (I knew that), verified my address, blah blah blah. As we were finishing up I asked her what repair was made.

“Let’s see,” she says … sound of papers shuffling. “Oh, it says they modified the trigger plate [can almost see the smile on her face].” I nicely explained that I don’t even know what a trigger plate is, but my issue didn’t seem to have anything to do with a trigger plate. She asked me what gun I sent (uh-oh). I told her the model and type of the rifle, and the issue was a loose barrel.

She’s properly embarrassed and explains she thought I was a different customer. She found the paperwork on mine and confirmed the gunsmith had noted “the barrel can be unscrewed by hand” and sent it also to the factory in Ohio.

Me: so my rifle is not repaired?
Her: no, sorry
Me: and you’re not boxing up and sending me the gun?
Her: no, sorry
Me: I had you calendared to follow up on Friday, since that would be 30 business days since the gunsmith received it. Since you called me, could you check on the progress and get me an update?
Her: yes sir. I’ll do that and let you know. I’ll email you tomorrow. I’m sorry for the confusion.
[Conversation closes]

[Jeff kicks himself in the back] Daaaang. If I’d have kept my mouth shut, I might have had some weapon with a “modified trigger plate: show up!” Wait what? Heck, some guy in Sheboygan NJ might still end up with a once fired falling block o_O Talk about confidence in a company … Well, at least they're responsive, friendly, and trying to be helpful

You can’t make this stuff up …

[p.s. I acknowledged the old thread warning. I revived as promised for the update. When there's a resolution would it be better to start a new thread and reference the old? It seems appropriate to revive it to keep continuity.]

-jb, patiently awaiting the next adventure
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