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Just updating the thread as requested ...

Email to Cimarron for a Return Authorization (RA#) Dec. 6th explaining the events, date of purchase and advising I have appropriate documentation of purchase. I received a reply Dec.10 (4 business days, not too bad) with an RA# and advised to standby for additional email with paperwork that will need to send with [my] rifle. I replied same day (12/10) asking for a return label for an out of the box defect.

Today, 12/17, 5 more business days with no reply, I followed up asking for an estimated time to expect “'additional paperwork'” so I have an idea when to get worried, please?"
Also included was an explanation that I've never had to return a firearm, and I'm unsure of what response time should be, given covid, etc.

To be continued ...

-jb, no idea what's un/reasonable
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