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I have an older Dixie gun works 74...made by is their sport target model...may not be made anymore....anyway....I think scorch is right...if the barrel turns any it would keep the extractor from going in its notch

The front of the block has a radius on it to help cam or slide by the rim of the cartridge and push the extractor back into its notch

So I guess if you want to you could pull the take down pin and drop the block out...the extractor hinges on that pin....put it back together and leave the extractor out....just to see if the block will slide into place...the corners or edges of the block should stay in contact with the barrel face even when you push the lever all the way forward for extraction...with the barrel turning...if it turns out then it could cause a head space problem too

Either way the barrel should be tight in the receiver

I would think cimarron should pay the shipping back.....I'm pretty dang sure they want it back just because it could turn into a real liability mess for them if you get hurt with the thing....its a manufacturing problem

For sure dont shoot it anymore

Hope it works out for you....I think I would want a different rifle from here

Good for keeps on this one.....keep us up to date on this one...definitely curious what they say

Yeah I feel for ya

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