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Sadly Cimarron SINGLE Shot

posted here and elsewhere per usual

Cimarron 1874 Sporting Rifle Sharps falling block .45-70. Brand new, received last week or so, first range session today. grrr

Load round 1, fire, eject. Load round 2. Lever won't close, block rises slightly, hangs on the rim, cartridge chambered. Pulled the lever pin and lever, block still hangs on the rim. I removed the fore end and further inspection shows the barrel is loose! As in perhaps an 1/8th of an inch in both directions of the witness mark. Finally tapped the round out of the chamber with cleaning rod. Later on at home, rinse and repeat. The barrel is clearly so loose it's preventing the action from closing on a chambered round. Thus making the rifle a TRUE single shot. I only got 1 round off before it stopped functioning.

Question, just for my information, please: Does anybody know how the barrel is secured in the receiver? It doesn't appear to be threaded, pinned perhaps? If pinned, would that first round have caused the loosening?

Looks like I'll have to prepay shipping back to Cimarron after getting authorization, and expect a minimum 2 month wait. I'll call Customer Service tomorrow. Email sent tonight

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