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Have a look here. It may be cheaper than getting one in the US.
You cannot order a suppressor from NZ and have it sent to the US, that is illegal unless you are an importer with an SOT.

You must get a Class 3 weapons permit from BATFE. You then must get local LE approval. Here's a link to Wikipedia -
That is not exactly accurate. What you do is find yourself a local class 3 (03 SOT) dealer in firearms that has an SOT. There are a few in my area, all you have to do is look around. (Spike's Tactical and Universal Weapons are closest to me)

When you go there, you buy the suppressor, and the dealer will help you in filling out a Form 4. You send in the form (which may require a signature from your local top cop, picture, and fingerprints- see below) along with $200, to the department of loud noises. You wait several months, and they send it back to you with a tax stamp on it. You may then take that form back to the dealer and pick up your item. The form is not a permit per se, but proof that you have registered and paid the tax on the item.

As far as the fingerprints, picture, and top cop permission slip: You do not need to do this if the item is being purchased by a trust or a corporation (this includes LLC). I went the trust route, and had a lawyer draw one up. That cost me $300, but was worth it IMO.
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