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The last time that I've seen primers at my local Scheels store was in March of 2020. As of right now, they've completely rededicated the former primer shelf space to other products. I asked an associate why they did this, and he said that when they got primers in, it'd only be a box or 2, so it wasn't worth it. Maybe, that's changing by now.

In any case, I got onto Scheel's website last July and found where they had SPP and LPP in stock. I left the next day on a road trip from KC and drove to Rochester, MN to buy 5 bricks of SPP. A couple of weeks later, I drove to Lincoln, NE to pick up a couple of bricks of LPP. Coupled with the stock that I already had, I'm doing OK for now, but I hope that things get better soon.
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