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Originally Posted by dahermit View Post
I would if I knew what that was. But, not being a mind reader...or could I have just posted: BNBAMR?
1- Open search engine of your choice
2- Type in TO&E
3- Press "enter"

Table of organization and equipment quickly refute the usual myths about the M1 Carbine as well as countless other myths about weapons and equipment. Take for instance one of the most common ones about the Carbine and M1911's being issued to "cooks & typists". I've reviewed countless TO&E's spanning decades and I have yet to find a cook or typist issued an M1911, typically the were issued whatever the service rifle of the period was.

The reality of the Carbine and its intended use is found in all the Light Rifle program documents, from the start it was intended to be a...
Cue the drum roll...
Wait for it...
Here it comes...
A light rifle

The original concept was two fold, the first being to replace the heavy, bulky M1 for front line fighters who's primary duty was to deal with other heavy/bulky equipment, like say a machine gun crew. One TO&E shows a Rifle Companies LMG crew being issued 3 Carbines and 2 pistols. Another example is a Weapons Company HMG crew being issued 1 M1, 5 Carbines, and 2 pistols.

The second was to evaluate the concept of replacing the M1 with a... light rifle. Although the M1 was a fine and effective weapon, almost as soon as it was fielded on a "modern" battelfield it was thought to be outdated in practical use, and they were right. The light rifle concept and the M1 Carbine itself eventually lead to the M16, which then evolved into the M4. Light and fast is generally better on the battlefield, which is why the M1 Carbine was so loved during WWII by not only our guys but by our enemies as well.

Here are two random TO&E's from late WWII, note the cooks sporting M1 rifles, not Carbines

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