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M2 mag catch. Click on the link provided, and look at wording immediately below pic of mag. When i got into shooting M1 carbine, wanted to use 30 rd mags. If memory serves, the regular M1 mag catch would not reliably catch on the 30 round mag follower reliably, if at all. Also had problems with feeding from the 30 rd mags. Some may want to get into the semantics of what is the correct term is, but apparently the mag catchs were redesigned starting with the M2 for 30 round mags. They easily retrofit to M1.

For my M1 carbine to reliably lock back when fired to empty, and reliably function with 30 rd mags, needed the 30 round mag follower AND the M2 mag catch. Easily googled, but Fulton Armory appears to contradict itself on 15 rounders

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