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The US turned out in excess of 10k a day of these things in 3 different factories. There is no way they would put that much effort into producing something that wasn't intended to be used directly in the war.
In the early part of the war, M1 Carbines were churned out and handed to just about anyone who rated one. Remember, as a replacement for the 1911, the M1 Carbine went primarily to the same types who would have rated a 1911 pistol (cooks, truck drivers, officers, NCOs, rear area types, etc) while the M1 rifle went to the infantrymen. We started WW2 with Springfields and Enfields and a few M1 rifles, and the M1 wasn't fully deployed until 1943-44. We handed any rifles we could to the troops who needed a rifle. Later in the war the lines blurred a bit as street fighting took the place of large fields. A lot of people get their ideas of what was issued from movies, and movies are notorious in their overlooking details. In Korea, there were a lot of M1 Carbines, but a lot of troops liked the extra energy of the M1 rifle. My uncle (1st Marine Division) was issued an M1 Carbine, and he dropped it and retrieved a M1 rifle at the first opportunity due to the ranges involved where they were fighting.
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