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Gotta call em like I see em--IMO Remmie makes the worst factory ammo of any US manufacturer in my experience. Probably has more to do with quality control than the bullets themselves--though as a hand-loader I generally steer away from their brass as well. They make only one product that's of any interest to me--and that's their golden saber pistol bullets--they remain high quality.

All that said--last year on a whim I bought several off the shelf .270 win factory budget cartridges just to see how they compared; Hornady's American whitetail, winchester's extreme point, remmie's core lokt and federal's power shok. They all did well enough out to 300 yds in target shots that I think any of them would drop a deer--American Whitetail and Winnie's extreme points taking top honors for consistency and accuracy.

Lucky for the OP I have some of the remmie stuff left over and have no interest in using it in the woods--so I'll oblige him next time I'm out with my labradar shooting out of my Ruger American.
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