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It's right up there with their other big 5 cartridges like the .416 (which I have fired but not their .460). These days it's probably not available from Weatherby without the accubrake fitted by default (or at least a threaded muzzle), which goes a long way to "spreading" the felt recoil out and it will likely have a fine buttpad as well. Equipped thusly, you'll be surprised that the recoil is not nearly as bad as you might think or have read. First time I shot the .416 I was tensed up for shoulder Armageddon, after firing it my reaction was, "huh, is that all it is?" Honestly, no macho macho bravado--if you can handle a 2 3/4" or 3" 12 gauge magnum shotshell you'll have no problem with this IMO.
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