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From what I can determine, it is a redesigned 168 gr SMK with a longer boat tail and an adjusted tangent ogive to give it a higher BC (0.527).
Sierra says that they also closed the hollow point.
The 169 SMK bullets are hard to find in stock so I haven't tried them yet.
I'm not even sure if anyone has put them in factory ammo yet.

Sierra says the new 169 SMK was specifically designed for long distance shooters to maintain supersonic velocities at 1,000 yards.

Sierra also says they will continue to manufacture the 168 SMKs which I have found to be a very accurate bullet in all my .308 rifles.

My M1s seem to prefer the 150 grain SMKs with N140 loaded around 2,400 fps muzzle velocity.
Loading the same bullet and powder up to 2,600 fps increases average group size by about 30%.
But I have tried 168 grain SMKs also loaded down and they averaged about 20% larger group size than the better 150 gr N140 average.

Loading for those velocities, I don't see any reason to shoot 169 SMKs designed for long distance shooting in my old M1s. I intend to try them in my .308 bolt actions, however.
One of my M1s is a matching numbers H&R that has a CMP Collector's Grade certificate.
Even with adjustable gas blocks, the old M1 OP rods aren't worth risking damage at the velocities needed to shoot at 1,000 yards, IMO. But I am a geezer that treats my M1s as pieces of history.
For high velocity shooting for long distance, I use my modern bolt action .308s or my 6.5mm CMs with high power scopes.
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