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TXAZ I applied for a Form 1 SBR last week and used a credit card for the $200.
ATF hasn't charged the card yet. I was just called by credit card company that my card has been compromised and they're cancelling it and reissuing a new number.
Call the CC company and ask if they can allow that one charge to go through. Citibank has done that for me.

Anyone know if ATF will give me a notice and option to provide the new number or am I scr....?
NFA tax payments arent processed by ATF, but by a bank in Portland OR.

Several years ago I had several Silencer Shop F4's bounce back because some idiot at BOA in Atlanta had fat fingers and typed the wrong CC#.

FrankenMauser Call and ask if you can send a check.
I know many people that have had minor issues corrected with a phone call.
The ATF may just "disapprove" the application when the transaction declines, or they may call you. It depends on the examiner.

9x19 I haven't heard anything about the NFA examiners that makes me think they would give you a call.
ATF never touches the payment for NFA forms.
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