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I grew up reading Cooper, Keith, Skelton, Askins, Jordan, and everyone else that was or had written from the 50s on up. If you want some fun, go back today and read them. Most are what would be generously called opinionated today.

Those old time writers would often tell you flat out what was good for something and what wasn't. Period. And often in a highly colorful manner.

One writer I recently reread stated that the only reason there were still any deer in the US was the poor sights on Winchster and Marlin lever guns! (slight paraphrase). Now, that's an opinion!

Coooper's style was never lowest common denominator. If you had trouble with that, you were free to go your own way. He put things the way he saw them, and while I don't think he was 100% right all the time, he wasn't 100% wrong, either.

If he liked something, it was good (and it usually was good) and if he didn't, you weren't going to convince him it was good, and he didn't care to waste time allowing the attempt. Not an unheard of trait in men of his generation.

never met him, except through his writings, but if I had, I'd tell him, "Thank you!"
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