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Two times I've had to draw outside of the military.One was at an ATM where you had to park and walk up to it.Was standing waiting for it to take my card when a old POS station wagon pulled up and four wanna be's got out ,two walked to the left,two to the right toward me.I made eye contact and pulled my Glock 21 out and had it down to my side.One whistled to the others and they got back in.They followed me right up to the local police station before they took off,went in and gave the license plate number to the desk Sargent.
Second time was at a body building show in Columbus,Oh and as my me and wife wife walked out three individuals followed us.A block away i told her to get ready,they were going to rob us.She said i was paranoid, but i said they had no bags in their hands.Everyone coming out of the show had bags of free swag and purchases,i don't think they went in, they were standing at the front doors just watching.They followed us as we crossed over the street to our parking garage,when they started to follow us in i drew my Browning HP and once again kept it down at my side.When they saw that they stopped and acted like they were lost,started looking at the street signs,and kept on walking.They looked back once and then took off down a side street .
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