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I didn't know you guys took it so personally
So you're the one! Kidding.

My problem is that I was a technical instructor for over 20 years. I want to share what I know... it gives me the warm fuzzies when the light bulb comes on.

If it's one of those short, vague, poorly considered questions... I tend to give a short, one paragraph or less, off the top of my head, quicky answer... I don't really care. It's kind of a throw-away deal.

If on the other hand I perceive a real need or desire to know and understand... and I spend a good amount of time and effort with identified personal opinion vs. reasonable objectivity, content, specific hard data, links, wording, sentence structure, proper grammar and so on... then yes, I get a bit miffed if the OP doesn't appreciate the time and care put into for my efforts to illuminate & educate.

Then I say "oh well... " and go to the next interesting thread.

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