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I have to admit, all this staunch activism against California's new gun laws seems a little ridiculous to me. The rest of us in the free states have already written off California a long time ago. Their state laws are already staunchly anti-gun. Their state legislature and governor are already staunchly anti-gun. So now they're getting even more anti-gun? Wow. Big surprise.

Look, pro-gun Californians are fighting a losing battle, and they have been for a while. Even if they somehow manage to stop a few of these new laws, they're still going to live in one of the most anti-gun states in the country. From what I can see, the only hope for California is that their gun laws get challenged in federal court and eventually make it to the Supreme Court, where they're overturned for being unconstitutional. And the more oppressive and anti-Second Amendment their gun laws become, the more likely they'll be overturned, setting a new and wonderful precedent for California and for the rest of the country.

So I think we pro-gun people should be rooting for all of these new anti-gun laws in California to be signed into law.
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