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I have a MK9 and a PM9. The MK9 makes no sense due to the heavy weight for a 6+1 gun. I know that weight helps with recoil, but this is only 9mm. I was also extremely disappointed in the "stainless steel" that Kahr use for the MK9 because mine developed pit rusting after being carried for a short while.

I went to the PM9 after carrying a Glock 26 for a while. The PM9 is slimmer and smaller, but you sacrifice 4 rounds with the flush fitting mag. I was fine with the PM9 for a while until I started shooting with a practical shooting club. This is more for training and isn't a competition, but the long trigger made rapid shooting difficult. The reset is extremely long with the Kahr and you don't get second strike capabilities (not that it usually solves anything). I went to a Glock 43 after that and liked it a lot better than my Kahr PM9. I have since switched to the Springfield Hellcat and can carry 38 rounds comfortably. Do I think I'll ever need that many? No, but better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

For me, I will never carry a Kahr again. I was carrying my PM9 after Hurricane Irma blew through a few years ago. I was sweating like a pig all over the gun while chopping up trees. There wasn't much time for gun maintenance so I know some people will give me grief. The trigger mechanism had rusted to the point that it was hard to pull the trigger. Why make a polymer and stainless gun that has internals that can corrode? Thanks, but no thanks. Glocks have been torture tested by been left on the bottom of the ocean for months. After months, there was barely any pit rusting. My Springfield Hellcat is holding up just as well to being carried in this hot, humid environment.
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