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I have to admit I didn't even do an informal survey; the 30% figure was nothing more than my best estimate, my "gut reaction." After reading your response, however, I went back and checked a few of the categories to see if I was out of line. To be honest, and only based on the last couple of days, I'd have to say I agree with a lot more of the closings than I disagree with. But since you were kind enough to ask, I'll try to give some specific examples of what I was talking about:

1. The "What I hate about the M-16" post was closed on 3-29, and the "If you are considering buying a new S&W" post was closed on the same day, because some of the members were bickering. There was, indeed, a little bickering in both cases, but it was by a small minority of the posters. We've seen a number of other posts with more vocal disagreements that remained open.

2. The "Dog you shoot" post was closed on 3-30 because it was similar to other posts that were made over a year ago. These old posts were made, however, before the very recent high-profile case where someone was convicted of (nuts, I can't remember for sure, maybe it wasn't that high profile) second degree murder (?) for a dog attack.

3. Actually, the one that bothered me the most was also the most clearly off-topic: the "What are your other hobbies" post that was closed on 3-28. Right or wrong, I like to think there's a certain fellowship or camaraderie among the people who come to this board. I enjoy reading about the other interests that people here have, as I enjoy reading about other peoples' occupations (which is equally off-topic, but wasn't closed), and I like the fact that we can provide some moral support and maybe practical advice to a member who needs some help (the "High-alert, my boss was threatened" post, which wasn't closed, comes to mind).

Please don't misunderstand. I think this is a great board "as is," and I realize that the kind of judgment calls I'm talking about are always going to exist. I'm also uncomfortable "second guessing" what a moderator did in a particular case, because if anyone wanted to second-guess all of my decisions they could certainly find plenty to be critical of. (And not just ending sentences with prepositions...) For the most part, I think everyone involved with this board should be proud of the job they do.

But having said all this, I stick to my original belief that some of the posts get closed unnecessarily. Look, if Rich wants to close every third post "just because," that's his right and I'll support his decision because it's his board. But if the goal is to produce the best possible board, then I want to offer my opinion. Feel free to ignore it, as long as you keep listening to my namesake. Outstanding tunes.
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