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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
"...the heinous crimes committed in Texas and Ohio?..." Two very different circumstances that require two very different responses.
"...36 people in less than 35 seconds..." Isn't terribly impressive given the circumstances of a crowded shopping mall.
"...shooting back at the cowardly shooter..." Aside from the likelihood of getting shot by equally frightened cops, an untrained CCW type would very likely endanger bystanders and panicked civilians
"...three to four competitions a month..." That is playing shooting games. It is not practice or training for anything but the shooting games.
"...stopping power..." There's no such thing.
"...propane tank bombs..." Explosives in a propane tank or pressure cooker maybe. However, a full propane tank doesn't and will not explode. Nice big ball of fire, but no frag. Poke a hole in an LPG tank gets you get a nice, gentle, white cloud spreading over the ground(propane being heavier than air) but nothing else without a spark.
I find your lack of faith in propane and propane related products, disturbing.
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