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Can't speak to what was carried in WWll, but here's how I carried a Model 15 S&W 49 years ago while serving as a Forward Air Controller in Vietnam. That's my bird in the backround, and those are 2.75" Willie Pete rockets I'm loading. HTH's Rod
I like to build and fly RC model airplanes and the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog is a plane I would love to model. The largest Cessna ever built with Tandom seating. All others were side by side. In one of the Backwoodsman magazine articles it was Red Mieneke (I think) who stated he carried a model 15 in Nam and other guys were always trying to trade him their 45 autos for it. He wouldn't trade.
"Those who cannot cleanly dispatch their game using a .30-30 are either shooting too far, hunting inappropriate (too large) game, or are simply incompetent." Mic McPherson

I can understand your anger at me, but what could you possibly have against the horse I rode in on?
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